Western Heritage

Brought to you by Vicki


Hello Everyone, I am so excited to be sharing with you our new & re-vamped website and all the fun new things we will be doing!! Today on the very first segment of Rodeo History & Heritage I am sharing a story about Becky & my "rodeo family". The Christensen Bros. of Oregon. I am looking forward this year to sharing out stories from other rodeo & ranching families as well! But for this very first one, I'm holding it close to home. This photo of a weathered wagon wheel, represents to me......"life full circle". It sat quietly for many years at the side of the gate leading to my Grandmother's house. It watch all who walked through & who walked out. It is a foundation of who my family is and where we came from. This wheel was on the horse drawn wagon that brought my Grandmother & Grandfather to the homestead in 1911, that would become home to their family & future generations for many years. It represents a way of life, many things change, but some do not. As a young family, life was hard, everyone worked just to keep ahead. My Grandmother was the first woman in the state of Oregon to commercially raise Turkeys. The family, milked cows, raised beef cattle & sheep along with hunting & trapping to make a living. Growing up, life was centered about Rodeo & Ranching. Over the years, CB's would become known for famous Rodeo Livestock and the ranch they called home. We are blessed to have 3 great horses inducted into the Pro Rodeo Hall in Colorado Springs. Miss Klamath was the first, followed by War Paint in 2011 and this past summer Smith & Velvet. I hope you enjoy watching my Brother Bobby Christensen's acceptance speech. It was a special time for the entire family. I look forward to sharing with you in the weeks ahead many more great stories. Until then, God Bless #rodeoroots #cbcowgirls #storiesbehindthestories