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Our Goal is Empowering Cowboys and Cowgirls who love God and Country. While inspiring those who do not. In hopes of keeping the Heart of the American Cowboy Alive!

Today’s generation is one that is fast paced, technologically advanced, and saturated with ways of living our life in a microwavable and “fast food” style. This generation wants everything now and wants it served on a silver platter at the snap of the fingers.

The question we ask, Is this lifestyle realistic to sustain? We believe the answer is no.
We believe that due to this attitude being the majority that we have a generation losing touch with the history, faith, and culture that has made all these things possible. We believe the Heart and Spirit of the American Cowboy is at its core the essence of nobility, humility, faith, and a respect for animals, land, and people. We need to find that again by “Going Country, Back to Our Roots” and bring this legacy to the mind of the current generation.

CB Promotions with the “CB Cowgirls” is derived of a group of women (and men as well) that believe we must connect the past to the current and future generations. A bridge must be built to fill the gap and hold on to what was good, right, and pure. There is wisdom in years and the ages that are slipping away, as one generation dies off and another is born. We are here to capture those stories and passions as well as the lessons on radio. We want them to inspire and educate those who have lost touch or have not experienced the education written in each of our forefathers/mothers past. We all relate to one another in unspeakable ways, through joy, pain, friendships.

We have walked many paths but inevitably it’s “Our Roots” that ground us. We personally, have not waivered, and have not given up and stayed humble when we succeed. We always are willing to look up and then beyond. A story or a picture is a reflection of what that history, and past has meant to us and those we interview. Our show captures the essence of our heritage of the Christensen Family and many others. We are united by the ups, downs, and in-betweens of this journey called “Life” and we hope you see the heart captured through the eyes of two generations of cowgirls. It is a weathered look of defeat and of triumph.

It is because of our “Roots” that we are grounded by our “Faith” and by our “Heritage” that my Great Grandmother, Grandfather, and Great Uncle blazed before us. It is a deep appreciation of what God has done and is still doing. “Everyone has one great novel inside them they need to get out, it is the novel of their life to share with this world” ~ Donnalyn Quintana, Founder, Western Wishes It is our hope that our radio broadcast brings a glimpse of our guest’s novel to our listeners and keeps them coming back for more!

Keeping it Country

~ Becky & Vicki

Becky christensen-mapstOn

Rebecca Christensen-Mapston was born and raised in Roseburg Oregon on a large ranch owned by her family. Born into the Rodeo and Ranching way of life Becky traveled up and down the West Coast for most of her childhood until the family lost their Rodeo Company in 1989, and her parents divorced.

Becky has one older sister and two younger brothers. Becky lived briefly in Central California while in High School. She returned back to Roseburg Oregon briefly only to move to Priest River Idaho her Senior Year in High School where she would graduate from Priest River High School in 1992.

Becky went on to Jr. College and earning two AA Degrees in Business and Accounting, She relocated to Spokane, WA shortly after graduation from College in order to start her career. She later had two children. Brandon and Sabrina Gleese born 22 months apart are now 21 and 19.

In Becky’s early years of school she was very active in Sports playing Volleyball and Basketball through her Jr. year in High School. She also served as the 1989 Douglas County Jr. Rodeo Queen. She also danced for 10 years, studying jazz, ballet, and her favorite, tap.

In 1999 Becky ventured into pageant world and competed in her first pageant. Mrs Washington America. She used this platform to help her shed her post baby weight after her daughter’s birth. She did not win that year but it did inspire her to keep working and setting and achieving goals to better herself. In 2000 she entered the Mrs. Washington International Pageant and she ended up 2nd runner up and fitness winner. In 2002 she entered and won the Mrs. Northwest Globe pageant and spent her year bringing awareness to the public on Domestic Violence and competed for the title of Mrs. US Globe 2002 in Palm Springs. She came home with a new found passion for helping women who needed encouragement and who had suffered from abuse. Becky is a child survivor of domestic violence and in watching the abuse of her mother at the hands of her step father she felt lead to speak up about those kids who see what they have no power to control. Her own healing journey began after she left the desert that summer. Becky entered The Ambassador Program in 2011, was appointed Ms. Pacific Northwest Ambassador FoRe! Western Wishes in 2013, and advanced to Ms. US Ambassador FoRe! The American Cowboy in 2015. Becky is now the Ambassador FoRe! The American Cowboy.

Today, Becky resides in Missoula MT with her family. She is a mortgage underwriter and has worked in the mortgage industry for the last 15 years. She also has a strong passion for speaking, writing, and music. In 2003 She became the Superintendent of the Spokane County Rodeo and in 2009 in her final year she had brought that event to a new level that earned them recognition for Best Small Rodeo with a Purse under $5000 for the Columbia River Circuit. This passion used to grow the Rodeo and quality of event is the same passion (and a lot of our Father in Heaven) that in 2013 led her to create and also became the founder of a new internet radio show called “She’s Gone Country with Becky” It is here where she can draw on her roots of the cowboy way of life and all the things that made her who she is. Her goal is to elevate and empower other Cowboy and Cowgirls to stay true to those roots and not get lost along the way. She hopes to help bridge the gaps in generations to keep the American Cowboy way of life alive.

It is her hope to spread the message of hope, faith, hard work, and the love of God to those she touches to leave a legacy of what it was that made her who she is today. The Legacy I will leave is that there are two great gifts we can leave our children one is roots the other is wings!

vicki christensen - O’Shieles

Vicki grew up on the famous Christensen Bros Rodeo Ranch south of Eugene Oregon. From the time she was born horses would become an important part of her life and she learned at an early age horsemanship as she rode her pony behind her Daddy in the grand entry at rodeos scattered through out the West.
Growing up "ranch" she rode her pony everywhere, No bikes for this cowgirl. Life on the ranch was every youngsters dream. Days were filled with hard work and a sense of how important family was impressed upon her heart. It would be that sense of heart that would become a foundation for things to come.
A former Umpqua Valley Round/up Queen, Vicki went on to win the title of Miss Rodeo Oregon and at the 1973 Miss Rodeo America Pageant she was named the winner of the coveted Horsemanship Award. 1974 found her in San Mateo CA interviewing for a position of Flight Attendant with Hughes Air West where she was hired and asked to return later that summer. Fate called as she waited at the ranch in being a phone call to her Dad from a committeeman at the Salinas California Rodeo where CB's had been a stock contractor for years that they were short one trick rider for the 4 day rodeo run and did not know of anyone who could be hired. Opportunity knocks but once or so they say & Vicki was not one to stand around and wait, she volunteered telling her Dad she could do it and she did. Borrowing a pick up horse out of the string, she successfully pulled it off and a career was launched. Along with her cousin Sherri Christensen, the cousins traveled the rodeo circuit entertaining audiences at some of the largest PRCA Rodeos throughout the Nation. Performances included: The Ellensburg Rodeo, Lewiston Round-Up,
California Rodeo Salinas, Cody Wyoming, Fort Worth Stock Show & Rodeo and many others.
After a successful trick riding career, she returned to the ranch, helping build fence, feeding livestock, putting up hay and cooking for crews. There was always room for one more at her table. A lesson she took to heart from her Grandmother Mollie Christensen!! Her son Brett Tatum was born in 1978 and being "Brett's Mom" would become her number 1 priority. During this time she was represented by a Modeling Agency in Portland and appeared in both print and television work. Life was about to take an entirely different road for the entire Christensen family as the family ranches & rodeo outfit fell victim to the Farm Bank crisis of the early 80's. On a cold March morning on the courthouse steps a way of life ended as all the holdings were auctioned off.
Faith, family & love were those things that no auction could ever take away. It's been said that through "sad endings come new beginnings". When the going gets tough, the tough get going. Relying on her faith in God she stepped forward to a new chapter in life. Skipping ahead, she would once again find her heart as life found her in Northern New Mexico on the Navajo Reservation. It was there among the red rock mesas she would learn the art of designing & crafting trophy buckles. . She owned and operated a large business employing up to 30 silversmiths. Her business kept her close to the way of life she loved and her "Rodeo Family". A second buckle company was founded in 1997 and celebrates 20 years in business has become a premier buckle company, known as Tres Rios Silver. A family business and second generation owned by Brett & his wife Keylie Tatum. Home is Llano Texas . Once again her heart has came full circle as she enjoys sharing the stories behind the stories, honoring our heritage and the western way of life. Residing in Marble Falls TX with her husband Robert "Bud " O'Shieles she is just a short drive away from Brett, Keylie and her "favorite little cowboy" Grandson Pecos Tatum.
~"It's important to know where we came from, in order to know where we are going"~

~ "Our roots, our journey "~

Bobbi Jeen olson

Bobbi Jeen Olson is a professional model and actress. However, she started off as a cowgirl. Growing up in the ranching way of life and following the team roping circuit enabled her to have a diverse upbringing.  After becoming a rodeo queen in her home state of New Mexico, she was discovered by a talent agent. This trail led to the Western movie and fashion industry.

Bobbi Jeen has appeared on the cover of numerous magazine publications, been the subject of high-fashion photo shoots, runway shows and appeared on-screen in both television and film. She has even done horseback movie stunts for several famous actresses.

She is the 2017 Mrs. US Ambassador for She’s Gone Country. Bobbi Jeen is intricately involved in her community, not only locally, but the Western community, which knows no borders.

She loves to keep our Western heritage alive to pass on to the next generation. On any given day you may find her working with horses, teaching youngsters the cowboy way, or see her portraying it in print and film.  Her passion is working on positive, family oriented, projects which help promote our Western heritage. Her home is now Stanfield, Arizona on a part of John Wayne’s old Red River Ranch.

She is also a working partner, along with her husband Jim, son Rowdy and mother Betty, in Western Trading Post, a business which deals in Cowboy and Native American Indian collectibles. In many circles, Bobbi Jeen is known simply as “The Arizona Cowgirl.”

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